Lumber & Panels

Sterling Lumber yard stocks a full range of wood products for all of your consumer and industrial needs. We have a many different species of wood and various sized pieces to fit your needs. 

We'd love to talk to you about your next project. 

Wondering how much lumber you'll need for your project? We offer lumber takeoff and estimates services! Click here to learn more.


  • Treated Lumber
  • Dimensional Lumber
  • OSB
  • Plywood
  • Studs
  • Boards
  • 2x4 Pressure Treated Lumber
  • 2x6 Pressure Treated Lumber
  • 2x8 Pressure Treated Lumber
  • 2x10 Pressure Treated Lumber
  • 2x12 Pressure Treated Lumber
  • 4x4 Pressure Treated Lumber
  • 6x6 Pressure Treated Lumber
  • 2x4 Lumber
  • 2x6 Lumber
  • 2x8 Lumber
  • 2x10 Lumber
  • 2x12 Lumber
  • 1x2 Boards
  • 1x3 Boards
  • 1x4 Boards
  • 1x6 Boards
  • 1x8 Boards
  • 1x10 Boards

Engineered Wood

  • Rigidlam LGL
  • RFPI Joist - LVL Flange
  • RFPI Joist - Solid-Sawn Flange
  • Ridigrim RImboard


  • Roof Trusses
  • Floor Trusses

We also offer free delivery for any materials you purchase from us! Delivery is available 5 days a week from any of our locations!

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